Friday, October 30, 2009

Miss Venturi's Senses Poem - New Zealand Forests

I see the moss green branches reaching high into the heavens
I hear the wind whistling through the leaves and the stream babbling over the stones
I smell the damp soil under my feet
I taste the soft rain drops falling on my lips
I feel the flax leaves sliding past my legs as I walk along the forest path


  1. Wow Miss Venturi, I love all the imagery in your poem. You have written a fantastic senses poem.
    Love Miss Gottwald

  2. I really like your poem of the zealand forest that's amazing.

  3. That was a great poem Miss Venturi!

  4. Hi Miss Venturi,

    I really like your poem about the forest wind and we really like your stories and your blog. My favourite part is the fish when it moves around and you can feed them.

    love from Viko