Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yendarra School Athletics Day

On the tenth of November 2009, all of the Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children at Yendarra School gathered under the canopy for Athletics Day. When all of the classes were under the canopy, Miss Takatainga explained the rules. After the teachers had their meeting in Room 11, they took their groups and started the first activity. We did lots of sports like long jump, hurdles, soccer dribble, relays, shot put, 100m and 400m sprints and softball throw. It was a beautiful sunny day with lots of fresh air. We had to do lots of running and jumping. We all started to sweat a lot! Mia liked the sprinting and long jump. Temura's favourite activities were relays and softball throw. The day was really fun! At the end of the day, Ms Dunlop gave all the teachers and children an ice block. Yum! Thanks Ms Dunlop. We all loved athletics day.

By Mia and Temura

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Room 14's Alphabet Key of Reasons to Visit Aotearoa

In inquiry learning this term, we are finding out about kiwiana and our country, Aotearoa New Zealand. Our writing task last week was to create an alphabet key of reasons why people come and visit our beautiful country. If you are from overseas, maybe this will inspire you!

A = Auckland City, All Blacks
B = buzzy bee,beaches,butterfly,blue water, bungy jumping
C = cows, Christchurch City, craters, Coromandel Peninsula
D = dolphins, Dunedin City
E = Emu
F = Friendly people,farms,fishing,fish & chips
G = Gumboots, gondalas
H = hokey pokey icecream, Hamilton City, haka
I = ice-cream, islands
J = jandals,jar of marmite
K = kiwi,Kaitaia,kiwiana,Kelly Tarltons,
L = Luge,lakes
M = mud pool, Maori culture and language
N = New Zealand falcons
O = Owl, Otara Markets, Otorohanga
P = pigs,pavlova,pukekos
Q = Queenstown
R = Rangitoto Island
S = Sky Tower,soft sheep,sky diving
T = Tuatara, Tuis
U = Unprotected beaches
V = volcanoes
W = Wellington City, whales, waterfalls
X = Xtreme bungy jumping
Y = Yendarra School
Z = Zorbing

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Room 14 are famous!

During Week 10 last term two very special classses from Yendarra School went to a sport launch day.We arrived at Otara Recreation Centre, we saw Monty Betham and Leila Masaga.We played all kinds of games with them.It was fun we played soccer, basketball, tag, relays and netball throws.The media was there too, Yendarra School was in the newspaper.The media took a lot of photos of some of the Yendarra children. After having such a wonderful day spending time with Monty and Masaga, we headed back to school.

By Mia

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunny Samoa

Talofa! Here is our lovely teacher Miss Venturi visiting Samoa with Miss Holt, Ms Mautairi, Mrs Fuli (Yendarra School teachers), Mrs Farmer (one of Yendarra School's Deputy Principals) and Mrs Dunlop (Yendarra School's Principal). They went to look at schools in Samoa and to learn more about the amazing Samoan people and their culture. Miss Venturi had lots of wonderful stories and photos to share when she came home! We felt very sad when we heard about the tsunami that devasted Samoa during our school holidays, we have being doing a lot of learning around what happens during and after a tsunami. Yendarra School has raised money to send to help the relief efforts in beautiful Samoa. Room 14 says a karakia each afternoon, in Samoan and in english, for the Samoan people.