Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yendarra School Athletics Day

On the tenth of November 2009, all of the Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children at Yendarra School gathered under the canopy for Athletics Day. When all of the classes were under the canopy, Miss Takatainga explained the rules. After the teachers had their meeting in Room 11, they took their groups and started the first activity. We did lots of sports like long jump, hurdles, soccer dribble, relays, shot put, 100m and 400m sprints and softball throw. It was a beautiful sunny day with lots of fresh air. We had to do lots of running and jumping. We all started to sweat a lot! Mia liked the sprinting and long jump. Temura's favourite activities were relays and softball throw. The day was really fun! At the end of the day, Ms Dunlop gave all the teachers and children an ice block. Yum! Thanks Ms Dunlop. We all loved athletics day.

By Mia and Temura


  1. Hi Mia and Temura,

    We really enjoyed reading your recount about Athletics Day. You explained what you did really well and added lots of details. You also told us about your favourite part.

    We really enjoyed the day as well and our favourite part was eating the ice blocks!

    Love from Room 13 x

  2. Hi Mia and Temura,
    I love the recount about Alhletics Day. I love how you told what you guys like. The best part that i really like was throwing the soft ball and eating the ice blocks. It was a lovely day.


  3. Wow Mia and Temura,
    I really loved your recount and WELL DONE TO BOTH OF YOU!!!! ROOM 13 ALSO LOVED IT TOO!You also told us what your favourites were.

    love from

  4. Hi Mia and Temura,

    WOW! Great story about athletics day. That was a good day and my favourite part was the ice blocks and did you like that part too?

    Yours Sincerely, Tracey.

  5. Hello room 14, atheletics day looked very challenging. I hope you all got to participate and enjoyed yourself doing so. Thank you all for my rugby ball, I have taken a photo of it and have used it once 'ops'. Look forward to seeing room 14 again when it is cultural day, keep up the excellent writing and be sure to post it on the blog for the world to read how wonderful room 14 is.

    Mr Wellis

  6. Dear room14
    Your story was amazing and it is exciting. I love it.
    Love Sarai and Ana

  7. WoW Room 14 what a lovely athletics day recountand you have put some interresting information.

    love CHRISTINA

  8. Hi room14

    I love the way you made your blog because
    it like you took your time. Well done room14

    By Tuni.