Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Room 14 are famous!

During Week 10 last term two very special classses from Yendarra School went to a sport launch day.We arrived at Otara Recreation Centre, we saw Monty Betham and Leila Masaga.We played all kinds of games with them.It was fun we played soccer, basketball, tag, relays and netball throws.The media was there too, Yendarra School was in the newspaper.The media took a lot of photos of some of the Yendarra children. After having such a wonderful day spending time with Monty and Masaga, we headed back to school.

By Mia


  1. Hi there,

    right now I'm feeling a bit jealous because I am a real huge sport fan.One thing that I wish for is that I want Lelia Masaga and Monty Betham to come to my school!!!!!!

    From Kayde.

  2. Hi there Mia

    I really enjoyed reading your recount about the sports launch for Field of Dreams. We were very lucky to be invited! I was very proud of Room 14 and the way that they represented Yendarra School so beautifully. Next time you write a recount, you might like to include what your favourite part of the event was.

    Love of love,
    Your beautiful teacher, Miss Venturi

  3. Hi there Room 14, You peple have been VERY lucky. What a wonderful opportunity! I am glad you have a class blog so you can share this with the world - otherwise I would never have known that you did this!
    Mrs Burt
    Pt England School

  4. Kia Ora Room 14,
    How exciting to see you have a class blog!! And, what's even better is that your class got to play activities and games with Monty Betham and Leila Masaga. How cool. Keep up the great work and we look forward to seeing more of blog posts.

    Miss Lavakula and Room 10@Pt England School, Auckland

  5. Wonderful that a great Chiefs player was at your school! Lovely photograph and I bet the kids loved having them there!
    Mr Webb, Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.

  6. Kia ora Clever Kiwis I think you have a superb blog page and I hear that you have already advised someone on the other side of the world the tragedy that Samoa recently had. I think you are all very, very clever kiwis and I am already so excited about coming to school tomorrow to explore what might be on your blog! I love coming to Yendarra each day as I learn so much and get to spend time with the most amazing kiwis! Lucky me to be principal of your school! Keep up the clever work- arohanui Mrs D