Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Room 14's Alphabet Key of Reasons to Visit Aotearoa

In inquiry learning this term, we are finding out about kiwiana and our country, Aotearoa New Zealand. Our writing task last week was to create an alphabet key of reasons why people come and visit our beautiful country. If you are from overseas, maybe this will inspire you!

A = Auckland City, All Blacks
B = buzzy bee,beaches,butterfly,blue water, bungy jumping
C = cows, Christchurch City, craters, Coromandel Peninsula
D = dolphins, Dunedin City
E = Emu
F = Friendly people,farms,fishing,fish & chips
G = Gumboots, gondalas
H = hokey pokey icecream, Hamilton City, haka
I = ice-cream, islands
J = jandals,jar of marmite
K = kiwi,Kaitaia,kiwiana,Kelly Tarltons,
L = Luge,lakes
M = mud pool, Maori culture and language
N = New Zealand falcons
O = Owl, Otara Markets, Otorohanga
P = pigs,pavlova,pukekos
Q = Queenstown
R = Rangitoto Island
S = Sky Tower,soft sheep,sky diving
T = Tuatara, Tuis
U = Unprotected beaches
V = volcanoes
W = Wellington City, whales, waterfalls
X = Xtreme bungy jumping
Y = Yendarra School
Z = Zorbing


  1. I love your alphabet Room 14 and it makes me want to explore more of Aotearoa. I have to ask what is "zorbing?"

  2. Zorbing is when you go down a hill inside a big clear ball called a zorb. You could do this in Rotorua in the Christmas holidays, we would like to know how it feels to be inside a zorb so please tell us all about it when you are finished!

  3. Well Room 14 what an impressive list and aren't you doing well with the number of comments from all around the world you have received so far. You have quite a following already! Yes your blog does look fantastic and on what is a rather wet and gloomy day here in Auckland (again) reading through your posts has cheered me up and put a smile on my face. Well done and keep up your blogging as its great to read about what you are learning in your class.
    Mrs Farmer

  4. Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog Pt England Scribes. We were amazed to read you have Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children all in one class and that you have 26 children. We're only a Year 3 and 4 and have 30 children. It sounds like you're learning some interesting things.

    P.S We like doing alphabet keys too.

  5. wow room 14 i loved your kiwiana a to z. some of us could'nt actually get all the way up to z but you have done a very good job

    love from latesha

  6. Hi room 14,
    WOW that was a good poetry that you guys done. Some of us we couldn't actually get all the the way up to z but we still did the letters up to u only. I really loved it. I hope you write more things about new zealand.