Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How the Kiwi lost its wings

Room 14 retold the legend of how the Kiwi lost its wings.

One day, Puki the Kiwi was wondering around in the forest
looking for huhu grubs to eat. “Oh Puki, I feel so sorry for
you! Down there on the ground, unable to fly up high into the trees and sit on the branches.” A voice echoed out of the fresh green trees. Puki knew it was a little rewirewi bird. “Oh rewirewi you don’t need to feel sorry for me.” “Long, long ago I could fly up in to the fresh green trees just like you.” Wa wa wa what do you mean?” Rewirewi replied. “Yeah I could. But then ……”

Millions and millions of bugs came and took over the forest floor, making it look yellow and ugly. So then Tane asked all of the birds if they could live on the ground. But then they said “Sorry Tane but I like living in the trees where the sun is nice and hot”. Then when Tane asked Puki to live on the earth Puki said “Yes I will do it, I will live on the earth, I will give up my wings so that I can be the icon of New Zealand and help our country to survive. That is how I lost my wings!”

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